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Salmon. Salmon /ˈsæmən/ is the common name for several species of ray-finned fish in the family Salmonidae. Other fish in the same family include trout, char, grayling, and whitefish. Перевод слова salmon, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, примеры использования. Salmon fishing hotspots like Alaska and British Columbia are pilgrimage sites for sportfishing enthusiasts.

Salmon is a fish that spends the beginning and end of its life in fresh water, with the remaining time spent in the ocean. Its meat is typically pink, while the skin is silver and gray. Typical cuts are the steak and fillet. You can cook Salmon using 3 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Salmon

  1. Prepare of Filet of salmon.
  2. Prepare of Lemon.
  3. Prepare of Salt and pepper.

The filet is easier to serve, because it does not contain any of the spine. This shocking documentary by film maker Twyla Roscovich and biologist Alexandra Morton discovers British Columbia's wild salmon are testing positive for. From Middle English samoun, samon, saumon, from Anglo-Norman saumon, from Old French saumon, from Latin salmō, salmōn-. Displaced native Middle English lax, from Old English leax.

Salmon step by step

  1. Season salmon and place slices of lemon on top..
  2. Cook ~15min at 400 degrees..

The unpronounced l was later inserted to make the word appear closer to its Latin root. If you want wild-caught salmon, you want Pacific salmon. That's not because wild-caught Atlantic salmon wouldn't be fabulous if we could get it, but the Atlantic salmon sold commercially are all. Salmon, originally, the large fish now usually called the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), though more recently the name has been applied to similar fishes of the same The six species of Pacific salmon. salmon [ˈsæmən]Существительное. salmon / salmon. Salmon definition: A salmon is a large silver-coloured fish.

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