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Sublet: Make Money without Buying House - Syahman Abu Bakar - How to be a subletter - Kasi Terbit

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Sublet or rent to rent is a way to make money from the house you rent.Yup, it is true.
You can make money from a house without buying the house."Just imagine, by the time two of your sublet houses are fully tenanted, you are able to receive a gross income of RM1,000 per month. Who else want to give you this handsome side income, transfered directly to your bank account while you are sleeping?"
If these two sublet houses can generate awesome income, can you imagine when you have five or even do it as a full time business?
Syahman Abu Hasan is a full time entrepreneur who generously share his secret in running the money making sublet business.Do you feel excited?If you do, don't let go of this book. It is written specially for you.
This is a true story.The story of property money making without buying a house.
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