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Backpacking 12 Countries - Free Sim Card - Hinckley Choy - travelog to Scotland, UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Sweeden,

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Backpacking 12 Countries
By Hinckley Choy
ISBN: 978-967-2515-20-0

Everyone has their life story and experience to tell, no one is the same. Some have good and rich lives while some average nad some have to struggle day and night to meet and needs.

Travelling dreams have been in my blood since I lived in Germany for 4 years, and in UK for half a year, seeing their western relaxing lifestyle at a slower pace compared to out Asian lifestyle who do things in a hurry, grabbing for opportunity every day. Their way of life was free of pressure whereas here everyone is struggling to buy a house and a cat, have a family and keep up chasing the luxury when we make our first bucket of money. Chasing to be a multi-millionaires or even billionaires but at the end of the day, is back to square one as we are all Leasaehold, no one is Freehold.

Having backpacked some 40 countries to date, I have a bigger dream, that is, to set foot in more than 100 countries before I leave the world. Hope I can achieve part of the dream after this pandemic by driving to the UK and back.

The purpose of my book is to inspire more people to enjoy life more, like travelling to see the world around us. With the internet nowadays, the world is much easier to reach, within our phone or laptop. You can buy train or bus tickets, city travel passes anywhere from your home, book any accommodation and buy any flight tickets worldwide 24/7.

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