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May 13, 1969 : Racial Riots A Security Perspective - Dato Nordin Yusof Ph.D - History of Malaysia, Racial Riot, Malaysia Politics, Malaysia’s Political System and Societal Insecurities, May 13, 1969

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Prequel: The political-motivated, Communist-inspired racial riots in Kuala Lumpur began with the Maoist-style funeral procession of a Labour Party member Lim Eng Seng who was elevated as a Communist martyr. On May 9, 1969 about 14,000 pro-Communist supporters and sympathisers carrying Communist placards and banners and chanting Communist slogans marched along the 8-mile funeral procession along the unauthorised route in Kuala Lumpur. Sequel: Four days after this Communist funeral was the outbreak of civil disturbance on May 13. The Opposition (Democratic Action Party and Labour Party) having secured a political gain in the Selangor election organised a victory parade riding on lorries and other vehicles which purposely went off the authorised route. The unruly procession went through the road leading to the Malay-dominated Kampung Datuk Keramat and Kampung Baru, shouting insults and obscenities that eventually resulted in the racial clashes. Aftermath: The Sino- Malay racial riots resulted in 753 cases of arson, 211 vehicles destroyed. The official death toll was 196 dead (43 were killed due to military action). 439 injured and 39 missing. Western sources estimated the death toll close to 600, others out to a four-digit number. Some of the Chinese victims were buried in Sungai Buloh and the Malays in Gombak Muslim cemetery. The military suffered 3 killed and 2 injured.Get this amazing book here, in Kasi Terbit.Klik Buy Now ya!

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