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More Important Than Money… An Entrepreneur’s Team - Faith G. Harper - Personal finance, self improvement

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More Important Than Money… An Entrepreneur’s Team

Penulis: Faith G. Harper

ISBN: 9781612681085


Many people have million-dollar ideas. They're confident that their new product or service or innovation will make them rich and that all their dreams will come true. The problem is: Most people don't know how to turn their million-dollar idea into millions of dollars.

According to many social scientists, the most important thing in life is a person's social and professional network. In other words, the people around us - our associates, our team, our friends. The people we surround ourselves with - and the people we go to for advice and guidance-can mean the difference between success and failure. And as he taught in Rich Dad Poor Dad, if the people around you have a poor person's mindset, it's likely that you'll be, or stay, poor.

Your team, in life and in business, will determine if your million-dollar idea will give you a million-dollar payday.

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