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Success The Best Of Napolean Hill - Principles from two of Napoleon Hill's most powerful books ever The Magic Ladder

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Two of Nepoleon Hill's most powerful books - The Law of Success, and The Magic Ladder to Success have been revised and updated for the 21th century in this edition. The secret of all financial success, as gathered from the study of 100 successful people, and 20,000 failures, is enumerated in Hill's 17 great Success Principles, and also his famous Law of Succss philosophy. Hill brings together wisdoms straight from the minds of the greatest names in the history of world business - how did Andrew Carnegie, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, John D.Rockefeller, Thomas A.Edison etc, many of them born intoo impoverished circumstances, do it? What personal alchemy turned their less-than=promising beginnings into pure gold. What is it that makes a winner? Get it here in Kasi Terbit.
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