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The 8th Habit: From Efefctiveness to Greatness - Stephen R. Covey - International bestseller. A book on how to become more effective in life

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This book is a new book but a bit seasoned. It has yellowish paper inside. So we give more discount to you.

In the 7 Habits series, Stephen R. Covey gave us a framework to become more effective in every aspect of our life. In the 8th Habit, he opens up an entirely new dimension of human potential and shows us how to achieve greatness in any position and any setting.

To tap into, it is a matter of finding the right balance of the four human attributes: talent, need, conscience and passion. At the nexus of these four attributes is what Covey calls voice – the unique, personal significance we each posess.

Covey exhorts us all to move beyond effectiveness into the realm of greatness – and he shows us how to do so, by engaging our strengths and locating our powerful individual voices. Get this book here, in Kasi Terbit.

Through his ideas, one will discover how to:

*Use the four vital roles to establish trust and make growth a given

*Build and sustain an atmosphere of respect and openness

*Keep and inspire your most talented workers

*Apply creative cooperation to reach new levels of performance

*Stay more "promotable"

*Develop leadership at every level of your organization

*Take advantage of strengths and compensate for weakness

*Reduce cynicism and improve morale

*Stay flexible and focused to recognize larger opportunities.

Stephen Covey's new book will transform the way we think about leadership just as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People changed our thinking about success. Get this book here, in Kasi Terbit. Click Buy Now ya!

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